Welcome to our first blog post! 

Over the years, we have been asked from time to time why we don't have a website or online store. The answer has always been pretty simple:  we live in Victoria, BC and people come from all over the world every year to visit our beautiful city. With so many face to face customers visiting every year, we just didn’t see the need. Seeing the many sites, participating in excursions, and shopping the Government St. tourist district are activities that tourists enjoy, and from which our local economy has always flourished. 

Then March 2020 and Covid-19 arrived. We never thought we would have to close our doors, lay off staff, and watch our livelihood come to a screeching halt. Nor could we ever have imagined that lockdowns, restrictions, and second and third waves would curtail our entire 2020 season, with no change in sight for 2021. This year, as we continued to prepare for whatever might come our way in the ever-changing landscape of this pandemic, we knew we would have to adapt our business model. And so here we are, launching our brand new baby - this site!

As vaccination numbers rise, Covid cases decrease, and travel restrictions ease, we are slowly starting to see a resurgence in tourism here in Victoria. We are finding our faith again, and are hopeful that our world is finally shifting back to normal. We are starting to see people from across Canada visiting our locations and enjoying our incredible city. Having said that, we are committed to reaching more of you across Canada and throughout the world, so that even if you aren't yet able to travel, you can still access the Northwest coast from wherever you are. Enjoy your shopping experience and thank you for being part of our journey!

the Team at Northwest Origins